Rivets for Garment Labels

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These screw-in rivets are designed to fit with our garment labels! They will fit any "yarn hole" circle on any style of our labels.

They hold very sturdy once screwed in! We do suggest using a small screwdriver.

Our rivets come in both flat-head and Phillips head. Due to the supply chain we cannot guarantee a specific style however all of them in your order will be the same.

They come in different lengths:

1/4" - 6mm - These are VERY small! Unless you are using cotton fabric or fingering yarn we do not suggest it.
3/8" - 10mm
1/2" - 12mm - We suggest this length for most yarn projects
9/16" - 15mm
11/16" - 18mm - These are VERY thick!

Every rivet is a front and back. A set of 10 includes 10 fronts & 10 backs, for example.
There is no price difference for length, but there is a price break for buying in quantity.