• Proud

    We want you to be safe in expressing yourself. Even if the only person who knows the truth is yourself, we have something to help you feel expressive about yourself.

  • Health

    Life can be a challenge - it can feel good to be supported. Whether that is with assistance materials, or something to make you laugh.

  • Fiber Arts

    We have supportive tools for knitters, crocheters, sewists, and many other textile artists. We also think there's time for fun and there are a lot of accessory items, too.

  • Inspiration

    Every day should include something to make us smile, feel supported, help us feel empowered. We try to find something to help everybody find what they need.

Authentic Energy

We believe representation comes from inside the community. We are members of the communities we represent, and we think that matters a great deal. It is empowering, and it means we understand what people want and need.

Hello, it's nice to meet you!

I'm Lis

I started Shop Intaglio in 2006 as a creative outlet and it became a way for me to support my family. I believe in making things that involve your own community and interests, so our little shop is a reflection of that. We live in West Michigan where we play lots of ball with our puppies and enjoy native gardening, hiking, and playing minigolf.

About Us

We design everything right here at


All of our designs are hand made and in most cases hand painted on actual paper or canvas. Then we scan it at high resolution to print ourselves on all of our products.

And we make everything right here


Over the past 15+ years we have invested in a large assortment of equipment that allows me to manufacturer almost every item we sell ourselves. This allows us to be flexible in our inventory and maintain a very large catalog of designs.