Shop Intaglio is a small, family-run business in Grand Rapids, Michigan. We believe in supporting people who may not always recognized. We are triumphant supporters of our LGBTQ+ friends and family who, for whatever reason, may not feel comfortable being out and obvious. We want to support them in ways that allow them to still feel safe.

We also want to support people with disabilities, chronic illnesses, and other small business owners - mostly crafting businesses but not only!

Shop Intaglio was started by Lis Bokt in 2006. She felt like a lot of choices out there were too loud, too "in your face", too direct. Lis is a quiet person, and prefers to express herself in a little more lowercase cursive instead of bold italics. At the time, this was a radical decision and in the time since has become more common - something we are excited about and welcome with open arms.
About our shop
We do printing, engraving & other small scale manufacturing. Our shop includes lasers, t-shirt printing, die cutting, photography, and design.
What we do
We are all about lifting people up and supporting them in whatever way they need today. That might be a celebration, that might be assistance, it might be humor. It could be loud, it could be quiet. We know everybody's needs are different.