Product Care

We often receive questions on how to care for items purchased with us. We sell a variety of items and they are meant to stand up to every day use.


Leather Items

We use reclaimed leather. This means it will come in a variety of colours, sources, thicknesses, etc. However they are all meant for regular use. If you are sewing them into items, the items can be gently laundered. We do not recommend putting them through a dryer if possible, unless they are fully sewn into a garment with a machine. The colour of the text may change over time if you launder the items frequently. It will take on an embossed look.

You can put leather conditioner on them if you want. There are  many types and they should all work for your product. We send them without any conditioning on them, because our customers use them for many different things.

You may see staining on the back of your leather items. We do sometimes use dye to help with the contrast. It will not impact use of your items.



Our t-shirts require no special care! Wash them any way you would normally. Inside-out or outside-in. They can also be dried.