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Queer Pride Shirt

Queer Pride Shirt

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Show your pride in a way that is comfortable to you. This shirt shows off the queer colors - IFYKYK.

We are big supporters of people who are tip-toeing into coming out, who may not be in a safe situation, or who may just want to fly their flag without also shouting it from the roof tops. We like to keep things ~subtle~. This also allows the shirts to meet dress codes that do not allow text!

The designs are all original work done by Lis. They are set up for reproduction on shirts, but we also have a lot of these designs on other items - please check out the shop or message us if you are looking for it on something specific.

Due to the supply chain issues we are keeping things simple. If you are interested in something else please message us and we'll see what we can do! Some people find that the white shirts are a little transparent; I find it depends on the person. The silver shirts are very opaque and comfortable, but the white parts of some designs do get a little lost in them. Pros and cons! All of the images are very true to life. All of the shirts are a poly-cotton blend. They can be washed any way you want, although we don't suggest bleaching them.
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