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Portable Earring Organizer for Studs and Hoops - PRIDE Wood

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These portable earring holders are made out of 3mm wood. They are intended for hoops and studs.

They are about about 2.5 x 4.5 inches tall and can hold 20 pairs of earrings! If your earrings are larger you may want to hold fewer. They have a ribbon tied at the top which is left open so that you could tie it into your suitcase or to another part of your luggage.

These are made from WOOD. This is our special PRIDE edition! It is plain wood with a rainbow ribbon. The ribbon might vary from the exact one in the image (we have a lot of rainbow ribbon!) but it will be very similar.

We have other listings of this item if you want a different colour, material, or a personalized version! Please check them out.