Personalized Signature Leather Keychain

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These keychains are made out of reclaimed leather. We like to recycle and give things another chance before going into a landfill! It has a bolt holding it together that has been sealed so it will not fall apart. It also has a hook on it so you can clip it into your bag or onto your existing set of keys.

This keychain uses a scan of your own handwriting - or other handwriting that you have. Maybe you have a note from a loved one or you want to write a small message for a friend. We just need a well-lit, clear photo of it. Preferably written in marker or clear pen. Please contact us first! That will let us confirm if we can make it.

The keychain has two sides. You can have the same thing on each side or two things. That's up to you!

You choose which colour way of leather we use. Our inventory changes regularly due to using reclaimed materials but we do always have each type of colour in stock.