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Nonbinary Abstract Poster Print

Nonbinary Abstract Poster Print

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I love that the many different LGBTIA+ Pride Flags are all very distinctive and have their own meanings. I find it very special that we can communicate a range of things about ourselves with sets of colours and before we start to talk to each other. I also found myself wondering why we don’t play with the colour sets more, to create abstract representations of them and use them in different ways.

Painting has always been my first love and I enjoy playing with the Pride Flags in abstract manners, ranging from minimalism to fuller and more chaotic styles. Watercolour is my primary medium, but I also work with ink, acrylic, dye, pastels, mixed media, and sometimes digitally. The finished painting then gets scanned at a high-resolution and prepared for digital reproduction.

We then print this on archival-quality paper so that it can be enjoyed for many years. We do suggest keeping it out of direct sunlight or super moist environments. If the image you chose is an “all over print”, there is a small border on the edges of the paper which means it will look its very best inside of a frame. All of our prints are sold without a frame.

If you are looking for a different size please contact us! We also sell these designs on a variety of other items. If you have an idea for something other than what you see in our shop, contact us! We love collaboration and new ideas. Also if you are looking for a Pride Flag we do not presently carry please contact us! We have many designs in stock that may not be in our shop and if we don’t have anything for that flag, we may be able to make new designs.

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