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Faux Leather Knitting Tags - Small Bars with Yarn Holes

Faux Leather Knitting Tags - Small Bars with Yarn Holes

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✦ These tags are made from 100% vegan leather - a faux leather primarily made from plastic.
✦ They are SAFE to run through the WASHING MACHINE & DRYER
✦ The material has a black felt backing to it with a comfortable texture
✦ They are easy to be sewn with any sewing machine if you prefer no holes
✦ It comes in FOUR COLOURS. You can choose one colour for your order or a mix. If you choose a mix we choose the combination.

✦ In the personalization box include the text for the labels, the font choice, and any options that may be available in the pictures for that item. You can also add it to the order notes, or you can send us a convo.
✦ If you are making a repeat order and want the same thing you can just tell us to repeat your previous order. We keep all of our files so that we can make the same thing again. We can also repeat your design on a different style of tag!
✦ If you do not give us all of the required info we will do our best. We will only contact you if we can’t make it fit or if we do not have enough information. We will choose a font if you do not specify.
✦ If you aren’t sure what font you want that’s okay! You can tell us things like “a script font” or “something simple” - that’s totally okay.
✦ The listing is for ONE design per item. If you want more than one design please order more than one set of tags. If you have questions or a special request please contact us prior to ordering and we'll be happy to help.
✦ If you have previously ordered leather or wood tags and want the same design on a faux leather tag, no problem! Just specify that you want to repeat an order.

✦ There is a picture of font choices - choose your favorite!
✦ If you do not pick a typeface we will choose one for you - it will vary depending on your text.
✦ Please see the reference image for how many words will fit. If you are unsure, please contact us!
✦ We try to provide an expectation of what text will fit in the pictures. If you go outside of that, your text might be very small.
✦ It is up to you to choose a font you like! We don’t offer a personal opinion on how the text looks. Everybody has different taste. If you want cursive in all caps, we will do cursive in all caps - it’s up to you.
✦ The text can be whatever you want. Naughty words are okay.
✦ Each batch should be one text. If you want a variety of text message us so we can make you a custom listing.
✦ We can provide you a preview image on request. A purchase must be made first.

✦ We have an icon chart that you can pick from. Any icons on the chart are available at no extra cost!
✦ If you have an icon in mind that isn’t listed please let us know! We’ll see if we have it already - in which case we can include it.
✦ We can do any state, province, or country at no cost.
✦ Please describe how you want us to use it, otherwise we will use our best judgement!
✦ We can do logos - you must contact us first so we can confirm we can do it at the standard cost. Logos that require significant effort to convert may have a surcharge. We will let you know right away.

✦ We can make tags in any size, shape, and quantity. Contact us with your idea and we will walk through it with you.

✦ We list our production time in the shipping profile. It fluctuates depending on our workload. We will ship your order as soon as it is ready. Please check the expected ship date when you order.
✦ We cannot guarantee an arrival day due to USPS not guarantee delivery dates. If you have a time sensitive order please contact us first! We also have priority shipping as an upgrade option.

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