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Wood Shop Logo Sign - Sign for Events - Craft Fair Sign - Vendor Show Sign

Wood Shop Logo Sign - Sign for Events - Craft Fair Sign - Vendor Show Sign

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This wooden sign is engraved with your logo on it. It is perfect for craft shows, vendor fairs, or any other event where you would like to look more professional.

Your logo can be any shape at all. We will have a discussion with you for the outline of your sign - if you want a more traditional "sign shape" such as an oval or rectangle, we can trace your logo, or do something in-between. Usually your logo lends itself towards an idea.

A few of these sizes are very small and meant to be mounted on things such as a checkout sign or a clothing rack. Please take note of the sizes and measure them against your real-world props to make the right decision for you.

If you have purchased garment labels from us in the past and want to use that design we can absolutely do that. Just ask for it!

The wood is lightweight at 1/8" (3mm) which means you can mount it just about anywhere. Vending locations tend to vary wildly in what you can do and where you need to put signs. This allows you to be flexible and come up with a solution that makes sense for you. Upon request we can place a few holes in it, should you want to hang the sign instead. Just let us know! We are flexible.

You can choose from a few different sizes. If you are looking for something different please message us and we will see what we can do. It is also available in a few different finishes - we are happy to apply a finish to it, or you can get it unfinished and do what your heart desires.

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