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Reclaimed Train Railroad Track Bookends

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These bookends are a very fun, unusual addition to your living room, home office or bedroom. These are made from an actual piece of railroad track.

We decided to leave the natural look and feel of them. They have been filed and ground so they are no longer sharp on the edges. They are shipped "raw", which means you may want to oil them once you receive them. You could also let them age naturally.

They are approximately 5.5 inches at the bottom, 3 inches wide at the top. They are about six inches tall and two inches thick. Each bookend weighs approximately 5 pounds 7 ounces. These dimensions do vary a little; we use reclaimed rail and some are bigger or smaller than others, however they are all close to this.

If those are too heavy for your bookshelves, please consider our street car rail bookends! They are much smaller and lighter.

They all vary a little bit, but will look like the picture. Sometimes there's a number stamped on them or a small hole drilled in them.

Choose between ONE or a PAIR - TWO. Most people choose a pair but we occasionally get requests for singles so you can choose either.

And yes... we can gift wrap this!

Shipping is included in the price for US orders!